Andre Cornman started fencing in the eighth grade, training under the U.S. national coach for the senior foil team. Now, he’s on the varsity fencing team at Stanford. There are three different weapons in fencing: foil, sabre and epee. Andre, a foilist, hopes to go to the competitive NCAA Championships, where only three male fencers are selected from the West Coast. He enjoys the team and individual aspects of fencing, as well as the strategy involved.

The other fencer in the video is Carly Webber Levine, a Stanford freshman fencer.

Produced, reported and shot by Anna Yelizarova and Naomi Cornman for the Peninsula Press, a project of the Stanford Graduate Program in Journalism.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Immersive videographer and reporter Naomi Cornman is the sister of Andre Cornman, featured in this 360-degree video.

Homepage photo courtesy of Eugene Kim via Flickr/Creative Commons.